Kelly Clarkson Found Out She Got A Grammy Nomination Live On Air And Her Reaction Was Amazing

Watching people find out amazing news live on television never gets old. This includes army families being shocked by the return home of a father or mother or brother, or a movie star getting informed that they were cast in an unimaginably cool part that they’d been dreaming their whole lives about. In that category also falls Kelly Clarkson finding out that she was nominated for a Grammy Award live during a radio interview on Tuesday morning. Her surprise was so complete that she forgot at first what she even could have been nominated for.

After a moment, it dawned on Kelly that a while ago — mid-pregnancy! — she sang her heart out during the final American Idol season with an amazing performance of “Piece by Piece” which focuses on her relationship with her absent father. If you missed that incredible performance you can catch it below, and we definitely recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already. The pregnant Kelly, who is eventually overcome with emotions in the middle of the performance, battles hormones and tears throughout and even jokes about it afterwards. It’s a powerhouse of a performance that proved all over again why Clarkson won Idol in the first place and has had a successful career since then. There’s a dry eye in the house, including the judging panel (Keith Urban was straight up sobbing and didn’t try to hide it at all bit).

Kelly acknowledged the persuasiveness of those tears when it came to thinking about why she would be nominated for “Best Pop Solo Performance” in the first place, jesting that “apparently you just have to cry on national television.” There are certainly other reasons that she was bestowed the honor of another Grammy nomination (she has 13 total and 3 wins), but crying on TV probably doesn’t hurt either. Just ask Viola Davis and her shiny Emmy Award.

Once you dry your eyes from watching “Piece by Piece” take another look at the surprise on Kelly’s face at her nomination news — it’s sure to perk you right back up again after you went through the emotional ringer.

(via Buzzfeed)