Kendrick Lamar’s New Album ‘DAMN.’ Leaked And Fans Are Up In Arms

The anticipation for Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. has reached a fever pitch today — and then it broke because the album leaked. Hey, if LeBron James has it, we should all have it, right? I guess the leak is just par for the course if an artist does physical releases in 2017, people aren’t willing to respect the artistry. So it goes!

After all the conversation surrounding the “Humble” video, and the searing gauntlet that kicked off his album release drop, “The Heart Part 4,” and the brooding album artwork (for more on that check out what the creator had to say about it), I don’t think it will surprise anyone that DAMN. is aggressive and bold, threaded with defiance and #bars.

It’s not akin to To Pimp A Butterfly at all, but it doesn’t feel apiece with good kid, maad city either, though some fans are relieved to hear him returning to more traditional rapping and beats. Even so, this album is a step forward for Kendrick in every sense. Of course, as the record gradually made its way around the internet this afternoon, reactions on Twitter were abundant and passionate. But then Sounwave dropped this tweet and everyone stopped for a second:

Damn, indeed. As far as initial fan thoughts go, the album’s second track, “DNA.” is already racking up praise, and overall the reaction seems to be very positive. Check out some of the most insightful and funny commentary below.

Of course, plenty of fans don’t want to listen to a leak anyway, or had mixed feelings:

Guess we’ll have to keep waiting until the official thing hits to see what happens, after all, there were two versions of Blond(e).