Kendrick Lamar And Eminem Rapped Their Favorite Mobb Deep And Prodigy Solo Verses In A Touching Tribute

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You can get a real sense of someone’s impact by the people who turn out to honor their memory after they’ve gone. Based on the massive wave of tributes that have poured in from all across the world of hip-hop following the untimely death of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy, it’s safe to say his legacy is beyond question.

Recently, Hot 97 DJ, Peter Rosenberg hosted a two-hour long tribute to Prodigy, mixing some of his best solo work alongside some truly iconic Mobb Deep cuts. He kicked things off in the most epic way imaginable, grabbing phone calls from both Eminem and Kendrick Lamar who rapped their favorite Prodigy verses. Em went with “Survival Of The Fittest” from Mobb Deep’s immortal album The Infamous.

“There’s a war goin’ on outside no man is safe from / You could run, but you can’t hide forever / From these streets that we done took / You walkin’ with your head down / Scared to look, you shook / ‘Cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks.”

After that he tacked on a little message. “Yo, this is Eminem man. I just wanna say rest in peace to Prodigy. We love you homie. Hip-hop loves you. You will forever be missed.”

Kendrick went with a solo cut, the song “Genesis” from H.N.I.C.

“Fresh out the car in the R-A-double-P, E-R / P-E-double, when I speak it gets real / Flakes try to tell me, “Yo Dunn, nah chill / You can’t come out, wylin out like that / Rhymes so vivid Dunn I see what you sayin” / But you gotta understand how I feel / The pain and the hardship it took to build / Years of frustration, some got killed.”

As far as tributes go, this is about as real as it gets. Two of the best MC’s of their respective generations paying homage to one of the greats of an earlier era. Check out their shoutouts, as well as Rosenberg’s entire mix above.