‘South Park’ Sends Up The Amazon Echo With A Folksy Acoustic Cover Of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’

South Park gave Kendrick Lamar’s hard-hitting, game-changing “Humble” a hilarious, acoustic remix on last night’s episode, courtesy of a janky, human send-up of the Amazon Echo’s Alexa function named JimBob.

To Cartman’s dismay, his mom orders the hillbilly listening device to “play Kendrick Lamar,” to which JimBob promptly responds with his warbling, Appalachian rendition of “Humble,” which actually sounds kind of dope. The best part is JimBob’s self-censor of the dreaded n-word in the line, “I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances / Finesse a n—- with some counterfeits,” by replacing the derogative with a spoken “doot.”

Wednesday’s premiere marked South Park‘s 21st season, and hilariously handled such topics as the current state American politics, the unexpected rise of white supremacy, and the above-mentioned, sort of goofy tech fads of Siri knockoffs. In commemoration of the premiere, the producers had hot wings delivered to fans of the show, along with swag bags full of South Park-branded goodies like T-shirts.

While Kendrick Lamar has been hailed as the greatest rapper alive by many, the silly remake of his chart-topping single provides a different kind of validation; Kendrick Lamar has become so popular that his songs are being spoofed on cultural mainstays like South Park. Rap has gone mainstream, and its favorite son is now a pop culture icon.