Kendrick Lamar’s TDE Label Mates Are Hyping The Hell Out Of His New Album

Believe it or not, there’s a Kendrick Lamar album on the way in just a few days. Some fans have grown concerned that maybe the April 7th from “The Heart Part 4” wasn’t an album announcement, but something else that would leave them disappointed that they don’t have a whole new batch of K. Dot music. Well, fret not paranoid Kenny fans, the album seems like the real deal and according to a few people at TDE and it’s amazing.

To be fair, these aren’t the most objective sources, but they are in the know so we might as well trust them. First it was Schoolboy Q who confirmed that yes, an Kendrick has an album, and that he’s been jamming his new single “Humble” for some time now.

Then, TDE CEO Top Dawg made the bold — or maybe not so bold, considering Kendrick’s track record — that the album is Album Of The Year good.

To further incite TDE fans, he confirmed a new Schoolboy album is on the way after Kendrick and SZA’s new album CTRL.

Which Q seems to still be working on.

Top Dawg confirmed a Jay Rock album this year at some point as well.

But back to Kendrick, the youngest member of TDE — and an extraordinary talent himself — Isaiah Rashad doubled down on the praise, confirming he’s heard the album and that it’s several flame emojis.

So yeah, Kendrick’s album is coming and according to his buddies its going to be epic. Just like we already thought.