Check Out Some Behind The Scenes Footage From Kendrick Lamar’s Upcoming ‘Loyalty’ Video With Rihanna

Well, I guess we know now what Kendrick Lamar’s next play is going to be. In new footage that’s made its way out onto social media, it appears that Kung Fu Kenny is putting together a video for his DAMN collaboration single with Rihanna, “Loyalty.” The candid clip doesn’t give away the whole shebang, but what it does show is compelling. A swarm of scantily clad women dancing and grinding all around Kendrick who appears to be seated on an opulent throne as the chorus of the song bounces away in the background.

“Loyalty” is a hard contender for one of the best songs from Kendrick’s most recent album DAMN. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music just after the project finally dropped and just before his enigmatic set at Coachella, he talked about his admiration for Rihanna. “I love everything about her,” K Dot said. “Her artistry how she represents women to not only be themselves but to express themselves the way she expresses herself through music and how she caries herself I love everything about her so I always wanted to work with her.”

If “Loyalty” is any evidence of their combined chemistry, let’s all hope that this isn’t the last time that these two icons hit the studio together.

You can watch the clip from the upcoming video above.