Kendrick Lamar Wants You To Listen To Inglewood Singer SiR’s EP ‘HER’ So You Probably Should

Kendrick Lamar doesn’t tweet much. In over seven years he only has a little over 4,000 tweets, so whenever he does throw out one of these less than 140 character messages it’s meaningful. As of late he’s used the account to shed some light on what he’s listening to these days. Last week it was a random Huey Knew track with Ab-Soul, this week it’s the Solange’s Seat At The Table album everybody loves and today, well, it’s not really clear what today’s tweet was about.

His message was a short and concise, “Look” along with the link to an EP from a little known Inglewood, CA singer by the name of SiR. Her is a brief, soulful, six-song project from the singer, featuring “Cadillac Dreams,” a track with Big K.R.I.T. that surfaced over the summer. Kendrick co-sign could change that “little know” identifier quick, and the quality of the EP will only help that effort.

It’s not really the 7 million strong following on Kendrick’s Twitter account that’s the difference, it’s the fact that Kendrick Freaking Lamar is telling the world “I listened to this music and I think it’s good enough that you all need to pay attention.” And, after a quick breeze through, the man has a point. When SiR realized K. Dot co-signed him his reaction on Twitter was about as expected.

Kenny’s interest here might not be entirely altruistic, if I had to guess I’d say those rumors and inferences that K. Dot is working on new music are true, and SiR is probably involved. Especially since SiR has ties to Knxledge, a producer featured on To Pimp A Butterfly‘s incredible track “Momma.” He even made an appearance on Isaiah Rashad’s The Sun’s Tirade last month on the track “Rope.” SiR also has ties to TiRon & Ayomari and dropped a J. Dilla tribute mixtape a few years ago.

While Kendrick’s musical directions can be unpredictable, the woozy, melodic vibe to the entire EP just feels like something that would interest him or that you could see him on, maybe this even signals that SiR will be making the jump to TDE? Either way, not only did Dot help shed some light on a dope project just lurking in the shadows waiting to be discovered, but he just might have dropped a hint for everybody salivating for whatever he has planned next.

Check out SiR’s Her below, via Apple Music.