Kendrick Lamar Throws His Support Behind XXXTentacion

Kendrick Lamar may have the album of the year with DAMN., the album so multi-layered that it needs to be listened to frontwards and backwards to truly appreciate its many layers. Still, that’s not stopping him from enjoying music from other artists, and giving one hell of a co-sign to one of rap’s most troubled and disturbing acts, the one and only XXXTentacion.

K. Dot took to his seldom used Twitter account to shout out XXX’s new album 17, encouraging his followers to check out the Florida rapper’s debut album, and noting that he was on his fifth listen of the project. “Listen to this album if you feel anything,” he said of the promising but flawed album. “Raw thoughts.”

Kendrick’s feelings on the album are in line with just about everybody who has given it a spin. 17 is an emotional ride, as XXX clearly poured his all into it. The Kendrick hat tip may be a shock to some, but with a musical mind as complex as Kenny’s, it’s not all that surprising that he’d appreciate the album sonically. And with as emotional as he seems to be, and how much the weight of the world weighs on him, it makes sense that XXX’s sullen and conflicted musings would resonate with him.