Kenny G Proves Good Things Can Still Happen On Planes With A Surprise Performance

Air travel hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for many passengers lately. Between the multiple United debacles in a short time span and now an American Airlines incident to go along with it, more jokes and dissatisfaction have been lobbied at the airline industry than seemed previously possible. But, depending on your point of view and taste in music, something awesome did just happen on a Delta flight. Kenny G, while on a flight from Florida to LA, whipped up an impromptu performance for passengers.

Even better, it was all for a good cause. The Delta flight crew was aiming to raise money for Relay For Life and had a set goal of $2,000 to hit. Kenny decided to help support the cause and promised a performance if the other passengers chip in for the charity. Boy would it have been embarrassing if there wasn’t one easy listening fan on the flight and nobody was motivated by the “reward.” Luckily, enough of the flight’s occupants stepped up that the total was hit, the flight crew accomplished their goal, and everyone either enjoyed a nice Kenny G performance or suffered through it silently in the name of charity.

He even put on a good show, enthusiastically walking up the aisles as he played. Thank goodness for no turbulence during his mini-concert. Maybe this is the start of amazing occurrences on more and more flights to balance out all of the negative publicity. We can dream!

(via WFLA News Channel 8)