Watch Kermit The Frog Harmonize ‘Rainbow Connection’ With Ed Sheeran

For Red Nose Day, Ed Sheeran joined Kermit the Frog in a lovely acoustic guitar rendition of “Rainbow Connection.”

Kermit was a consummate professional as always, having worked in show business for 60 years now, and “Rainbow Connection” is his go-to song since he first sang it in The Muppet Movie back in 1979. Sheeran was in good voice, but he did seem a bit nervous to be singing with Kermit. He was obviously starstruck and audibly broke into giggles at a few points throughout the song.

Sheeran pulled himself together and used those singer lungs to outlast Kermit on the last note, which impressed the Muppet star. “Wow, you’ve got lungs!” Kermit exclaimed, before suggesting that maybe next year, they could change it to “Green Nose Day.”

(Via YouTube)