Kero Kero Bonito Sing About The Many Dangers They Experienced While Touring On ‘The Open Road’

Near the end of 2018, Kero Kero Bonito came out of nowhere with Time ‘n’ Place, a surprise new album from the London indie pop group. Now the band is getting ready to embark on a North American tour (which includes a stop at Coachella), and to celebrate, they’ve decided to share some new music. The group is releasing Time ‘n’ Place standout “Swimming” as a 7-inch single on May 17th, and ahead of that, they’ve released the B-side, a fresh song called “The Open Road.”

It turns out they’ve had some scary and dangerous moments on the road, including the time they got robbed in San Francisco and the time they nearly got into a car crash, and the band documents them on the song. The band said in a statement, “[‘The Open Road’] is a song about our North America tour last year, including anecdotes about the time a lorry nearly jackknifed into us in a blizzard ‘(We came to a halt in the snow / Swerving on the wet slush below / Just as well we did ‘cos / That lorry in front of us / Was gonna tip over)’ and getting robbed in San Francisco ‘(Way out on the north golden coast / Just as we were ready to go / Bandits broke into the van / And took all we had).'”

Listen to “The Open Road” above, and find the band’s upcoming tour dates here.