Kerry Washington Hilariously Confused Khalid With DJ Khaled On Twitter

With all the people in the world, it’s bound to sometimes be the case that some celebrities share similar names. For example, there is actress Michelle Williams and Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams, actor Adam Scott and golfer Adam Scott, and rappers Nas, Lil Nas X, DaBaby, and Lil Baby. Another one of these connections is Khalid and DJ Khaled, who are both prominent musicians whose names are only a few letters apart. Confusing the two would be forgiven, and that’s just what Kerry Washington did on Election Day.

Khalid tweeted a message expressing his desire that his home state of Texas vote for Joe Biden, writing simply, “MAKE TEXAS BLUE.” The tweet got a lot of attention, as it currently has over a quarter million views. Washington is one of the many people who saw it, but she thought Khalid was DJ Khaled. So, in a now-deleted tweet, Washington showed her support for the cause and who she thought was DJ Khaled by replying, “Yes!!!!!! We da best!!!!!! (I couldn’t resist).”

Meanwhile, DJ Khaled is in the process of readying a new album, and he previewed it earlier this year with a pair of Drake-featuring singles. As for Khalid, he expects to have a new album out in the next few months.