Kesha Labels Donald Trump A Racist, Misogynist Bully For His Miss Universe Comments

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Kesha knows a thing or two about having your body put under a spotlight and dissected by the world. So she felt the need to stand up for Alicia Machado following Donald Trump’s continued refusal to back down from comments he made about the former Miss Universe’s weight. Kesha expressed her support for Machado in a post on Instagram, calling the Republican presidential candidate a “monster” and a “bully.”

“I want to give my support and respect to you, Alicia. You did not deserve to be shamed by this monster,” she wrote. “Your body is NO ONE else’s business. Donald Trump said that your body or weight was an issue… but, I find the real problem here being his bloated, arrogant ego and offensive, racist, misogynist verbal diarrhea.”

Trump has been given multiple opportunities to distance himself from comments calling Machado “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” But so far his very good brain has told him to double-down on the clearly embarrassing statements, even as the Clinton campaign is using them to rake him over the coals.

He told Bill O’Reilly,who did his own dance away from Trump when he appeared on Ellen, that he was merely trying to help Machado.

“I saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight, it is a beauty contest. Say what you want, Bill. It’s a beauty contest. I said ‘Don’t do that. Let her try and lose the weight.’ You can imagine? I end up in a position like this. So that’s the way it is … I helped somebody, and this is what you get for helping somebody.”

All this while Machado herself is going around telling Fox News viewers that Trump is simply “not a good person.” It doesn’t look like Trump needs Kesha calling out his garbage views to totally torpedo his campaign, but we’re not going to complain.

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