Kesha And Macklemore Are Set To Own 2018 With A Big Summer Tour Together

12.11.17 5 months ago 2 Comments

2017 was big for both Kesha and Macklemore: She had a No. 1 comeback album, he survived a brutal car crash, and together, they released the powerful pop ballad “Good Old Days.” Macklemore previously said that while working on the song, the two became good friends pretty quickly, and now, the duo has announced that they’ll be palling around all of next summer during their joint tour, “The Adventures Of Kesha & Macklemore Tour.”

The announcement came via a goofy video, in which Macklemore proclaims he’s giving up music in favor of rollerblading. Kesha pulls up in a gold car and matching outfit to save the day, suggesting that the two tour together instead of skating around. Macklemore says he’s in, to which Kesha responds, “Good. Take these f-ckin’ things off.”

The North American tour kicks off in Phoenix on June 6th and wraps up two months later, in Tampa on August 5. Tickets will enter pre-sale soon, so check out the touring schedule below.

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