Listen To Kesha And Zedd’s Surprise New Track ‘True Colors’

The past few years have been rather difficult for Kesha, who has been in and out of court in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. Since she has been involved with this sexual-abuse case for so long, the singer hasn’t released any new material in quite some time. Today, the pop star returns with the help of EDM DJ Zedd to unleash “True Colors,” her first new single in more than three years.

“True Colors” premiered at the first weekend of Coachella during Zedd’s Saturday night set. Following the surprise performance, it was announced that the duo would soon release the track. Because Kesha lost her court case against Dr. Luke, she was told that she must satisfy her contractual obligations with the producer. The music world quickly came to Kesha’s aid, many even offering to work with the singer for free — including Zedd.

Good guy Zedd made it clear that “True Colors” was released with permission from Kemosabe Records and RCA without going through any “loop holes.”  The tweet wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but Dr. Luke seems to think it was a direct jab at him, going so far as to respond on Twitter.

(Via Time)