Kevin Abstract Goes For A Joyride With Brockhampton In His Introspective ‘Peach’ Video

Kevin Abstract’s innovative album rollout continues with yet another addition to his piecemeal project. This time, he leads with the video for “Peach,” in which he and his Brockhampton associates Blackbear and Joba and Florida singer Dominic Fike go for a joyride in a convertible while singing reflective words over a soft, guitar-driven beat. It’s all directed by Kevin Abstract, as usual, and likely prefaces the latest installment to his new album, which has released in three-song increments over the past three weeks with titles like Arizona Baby and Ghettobaby.

While Abstract hasn’t explained much about the album or its intriguing release process, he did make it a point to reassure fans a week ago that Brockhampton remains together as a group. He said that he simply had a bunch of more personal music he wanted to put out that just wouldn’t fit in the group dynamic. He promised a return to the rambunctious and rowdy Brockhampton vibe of old in the future — in fact, he even tweeted that he was back working on the next group album over the weekend — but for now, he seems to really be enjoying the positive attention from fans of his solo work, which first since 2016’s American Boyfriend.