Kevin Bacon Danced Up A Magical 'Footloose' Entrance For Jimmy Fallon Last Night

Editorial Director
03.22.14 27 Comments

I am forever indebted to Kevin Bacon because without Footloose I would be entirely unaware of the three white guy dance moves I can pull off at weddings without looking like a complete and total spaz (only half a spaz), so even though I prefer my movies sans dancing and musical numbers Jimmy Fallon successfully targeted yet another direct hit to my nostalgia center last night with Kevin Bacon doing a full-on Footloose dance number entrance complete with emo-y wall-leaning and bottle-slinging.

Of course K-Bakes still has it and I choose to believe a dance double was no way involved at any point in the filming of this number. I haven’t been this proud of the man since he hung dong in Wild Things.

That sound you hear at the end is John Lithgow’s brain exploding because DANCING SHOULD BE OUTLAWED.

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