Kevin Federline Has A New Rap Video That Makes Fun Of Kanye West And Amber Rose

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We finally have an answer to the question no one was asking, which is “Hey, what’s Kevin Federline up to these days?” because Britney Spears’ baby-daddy is back with his first new rap single in nearly a decade. As you may recall, Federline released his debut Playing With Fire back in 2006 at the height of his post-Spears “K-Fed” fame, an album that gifted the world with the unforgettable classic “Popo Zao.”

Now the 38-year-old is 10 years older and 10 years wiser with “Hollywood” — a collaboration with the rapper named “Crichy Crich” that dropped to YouTube on Wednesday. The video is set at a Hollywood Hills party featuring Andy Dick (who hopefully got paid for this) as some sort of record executive who Federline attempts to hand his demo CD off to.

The clip also for some reason features actors playing Kanye West and Amber Rose, spoofing #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio throwing back shots after his big Oscars win and getting a little bit intimate with his gold statue. Sources tell TMZ that it was not the duo’s intention to mock West or DiCaprio; rather “they were just reacting to what was hot on social media when they shot the video.”

Of course, the problem with “reacting to what’s hot on social media” is that your project is dated from the get-go, as both of those things happened back in January and it is now April — the equivalent of a lifetime on the internet. But hey, whatever it takes to get us a Kanye West-Kevin Federline rap beef we’ve always been wanting, I’m fully on board.

(Via TMZ)