Kevin Gates Is Scheduled To Get Out Of Jail Later This Month

Looks like Kevin Gates is coming home a little early. According to XXL, who confirmed the information with the Polk County Jail, the “2 Phones” rapper is slotted for release later this month on March 24.

Gates was sentenced to serve 180 days after being found guilty of misdemeanor battery in October. The charges stemmed from an incident that took place at the Rumors Nightclub in Lakeland, Florida. 19-year old Miranda Dixon was in attendance at one of Gates’ shows and, according to her testimony, tugged at his pants leg to get his attention. Gates didn’t take kindly to Dixon’s grabbing him and so he swiftly kicked her in the chest, sending her reeling back into the crowd.

The legal proceedings took only one day. Before trial, Gates’ attorney Jose Baez attempted to use Florida’s stand your ground law as a defense, which was dismissed out of hand by the presiding judge. During the proceedings he argued that his client was the one assaulted by the Dixon. Baez called into question the seriousness of her injuries while attempting to say her motives were purely financial. The argument didn’t stick. The jury came back shortly thereafter with a guilty verdict.

Outside of his legal issues, 2016 was a monumental year for Gates with fantastic album Islah reaching platinum status. Look for him to hopefully build on that success once he gets out.