Kevin Gates Did The Sweetest Thing For A Bullied, Cancer-Stricken Fan

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Kevin Gates is a bit of a tool. He’s the same incest-condoning, beastiality-loving guy who Chun-Li kicked a female fan in the chest and elbowed another for tugging at his clothes. The same guy who applauded the Baton Rogue shooter for murdering three police officers. But even an uncouth savage like Kevin has a soft spot — the kids.

The BWA leader shared a haircut video over the weekend that, on the surface, seems like no big deal. However, as Kevin notes in the Instagram clip, he shaved his hair off because one of his younger fans was being bullied for being bald. “My little partner in the Make A Wish Foundation, he said they be teasing him because he got a bald head. So now I got a bald head too.” Kevin goes on to reveal the fan is actually battling cancer which would account for his bald head as hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy. Standing in solidarity with the young cancer-stricken fan, the now bald Kevin said, “So when they tease you, they tease me too.”

Pretty sweet stuff. As Kevin reminds us all, “sometimes you gotta live for a cause greater than yourself.”