Kevin Morby Imagines Rock As Religion In His Rapid-Fire ‘OMG Rock N Roll’ Video

Kevin Morby is gearing up to release his new Oh My God, and its release date is approaching quickly, as it comes out on April 26. He’s shared a couple of songs in advance of the album, and now he’s back with a new one, “OMG Rock N Roll.”

Morby shared a busy video for the track that packs a lot of action into two-and-a-half minutes. There’s trash can drumming, explosions, tributes to classic music, animation, records being blended, a modernized reference to Bob Dylan’s classic “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video, and more. Morby said the song is about rock as a religious experience, and about gun violence:

“It’s meant to be playful, despite the morbid subject matter, and sing sonic praise to rock n roll as a religious experience. More than anything – it’s [a song] about gun violence in America. Sutherland Springs, Vegas, Parkland… the list gets longer each year, filled with more cities, more innocent victims and yet nothings fundamentally changed. It’s a sad, scary and ultimately incredibly frustrating affair. We’ve all made peace with the fact that every time we leave the house we could be senselessly murdered at the hands of someone who should never have been given that power. The song is meant to mirror a public tragedy with its hard pan to the choir almost two minutes in. It’s rolling along, living its best life, when suddenly, with a gasp, reality has been turned upside down and all there’s left to do is pray to god you don’t die.”

Watch the video for “OMG Rock N Roll” above.

Oh My God is out 4/26 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.