Key And Peele’s Terrible Wedding Band Absorption Is Back With More Gong

When Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele hung up their wigs at their incredibly heralded TV series Key and Peele, we didn’t know what to expect next. Maybe they would strike out on their own? Maybe the two would develop some movie projects? Who is to say, but we feared that the days of their sketch comedy greatness were gone.

Thankfully, with the wonderful invention of the internet, the opportunity for these two to explore their weirdest comedy fantasies lives on. We saw the first part of their web video about an awful wedding band named Absorption (featuring 2 Chainz) back in the summer. But now, thankfully the duo is back with another clip of the world’s worst wedding singers.

This time around, we get a behind the scenes look at the duo in “Absorption: A Closer Look.” And don’t fear, yes, even 2 Chainz is back in the dysfunctional group on sax, but most of it is interrupted by a poorly-timed gong player. (Gongist? Gonger? Someone knows the proper nomenclatures.)

Either way, it’s good to see that even though they’ve moved on to bigger and brighter things, they could easily throw up a skit on Buh or Funny or Die to remind us of how we all fell in love with Key and Peele in the first place.

(via YouTube)