Big Boi Has Thoughts About That ‘Key & Peele’ Outkast Sketch

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09.09.15 4 Comments
Key And Peele Outkast Sketch ban

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Back in August, Key & Peele debuted an excellent sketch that tried to answer the question of our time: “Where Outkast at, man?”

The ultra-quotable (“Why does your breath smell like birdseed?”) sketch said that the reason we haven’t had any new Outkast tracks since 2006 is Big Boi just got tired of Andre 3000 being so weird. Well, Boi has seen the sketch. And he says it’s “funny as hell,” but inaccurate.

From a recent Pitchfork interview.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I sent it to Dre, that sh*t was funny as hell. It was funny as hell ‘cause it was way off, but it was funny as hell.”

Boi added that the duo are just getting back to hanging out together and being friends, emphasizing that the lack of new music doesn’t mean Andre and Big Boi are tiffing.

“If anybody’s been following me on social media—if we’re not doing music then people think we’re not together—but we’ve been really hanging out with our kids this summer; we’ve been going paintballing, we’ve been going to golfing, we’ve been hanging out every week.

We had a real good summer. It’s been a real relaxing summer for the both of us but you know, we’ve really just been enjoying the brotherhood aside from the music. Since we’ve been doing that all our life, we’re just getting back to the friendship, you know?”

Just because there’s not a new Outkast album anywhere on the horizon, doesn’t mean Big Boi isn’t working. He recently announced an EP with frequent collaborators Phantogram.

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