Kid Cudi Takes A Break From Rehab To Respond To Drake

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If it wasn’t officially beef before, Drake and Kid Cudi’s slight difference have escalated to that point now.

After catching wind of Drake’s shots directed at him on “Two Birds, One Stone” in which Drake chides Cudi for being emotional and hooked on prescription drugs, Cudi presumably took advantage of whatever Internet privileges are available to him in rehab to address his Canadian counterpart with one sharp tweet. No subtweets here. Cudi came live and direct: “@Drake Say it to face, p*ssy. You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise.”

So much more David not being able to fight back against rap’s new Goliath.

He did follow it up with another tweet in which he thanked fans for the “unfathomable” amount of love and support he’s receiving while in rehab. And, he confirmed he’ll be in present in the flesh for his scheduled appearance ComplexCon next Saturday, November 5.

Of course, the whole thing stems from Cudi’s tweets in the first place so it’s not completely surprising that he would use the social media platform to jab back at Drake over the latter’s diss song. It’s just a little peculiar because, having been in treatment, I can attest to that most programs don’t allow phone or Internet privileges because the outside world is filled with triggers and people in recovery don’t need that. But, then again, we may be talking celeb rehab here where the rules are quite different. Who knows.

Add to all this the fact that Cudi’s manager Dennis Cummings also blasted Drake a few days back using what else but Twitter. Cummings called Drake “corny as f*ck” and accused Drake “and his writers” of begging for features from his artist.

Let’s go ahead and point out the obvious here: Cudi is not going to outdo Drake in a rap battle. He’s never shown signs of being that sort of lyricist throughout his career. If things go that route, Drake will dismantle him unfortunately.

While Drake may be in good physical shape, he’s more of a lover than a fighter because no one should never ever forget he got two-pieced by Puffy, a man several years his senior. What Cudi lacks in lyricism, he may be able to compensate for on the physical side of things. He’s always come off as aggro so Hush or one of Drake’s other ghostwriters would have to sub in for Drake here, too.

Before this thing goes any further, let’s hope Kanye, the common denominator here, can find a way to intervene and help his two friends figure out a way to squash this privately before it gets any more messy publicly.

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