Kid Cudi Could Have Been In The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

If you’re a fan of Kid Cudi’s acting and a fan of Star Wars, you were closer than you think to seeing the two together. The rapper has been doing a lot of acting recently – he’s replaced Reggie Watts as Scott Aukerman’s sidekick on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! and has appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and in the Entourage movie. His latest acting adventure almost included a galaxy far far away…

After tweeting about Adam Driver’s character in the film, Kylo Ren, a fan told the musician he should have auditioned for a role in the latest Star Wars installment. Cudi quickly replied to his follower that he had already auditioned for a role in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This isn’t the first time Kid Cudi has tweeted about Star Wars. Beside the tweet about Kylo Ren, Cudi seems to actually be a fan of the movie series. For someone whose albums are somewhat space inspired, with his own trilogy (still waiting on that third release) entitled Man on the Moon, the Star Wars nerdom makes sense.

(via Billboard)