‘Us’ Superfan Kid Cudi Rented Out A Theater To Watch The Movie With A Bunch Of His Fans

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Jordan Peele’s latest horror hit, Us, only debuted in theaters a few days ago, and it’s already breaking records. In a short period of time, the film has earned itself quite a few fans, among them being Kid Cudi. He saw the movie on its release day (Friday, March 22), and encouraged others to do the same, writing on Twitter: “Go see Us. Im tellin u. Well done! The great one does it again @JordanPeele!! MUST see multiple times in theaters #UsMovie total mind f*ck arghhhhh. Please go see this movie! Congrats to the whole cast!”

Cudi was insistent that Us should be seen multiple times in theaters, and for one of his repeat viewings, he invited a bunch of his fans to watch it with him, in a theater that he rented out for the occasion. On Sunday night, he sent out a tweet inviting fans in the Glendale, California area to join him at a local theater. All fans had to do to get into the free screening and watch the movie with Cudi was bring some Cudi merch or a physical copy of one of Cudi’s albums, presumably to make sure that it was only actual fans of his there.

Of course, the place got pretty wild when Cudi walked in. Cudi also posted a video of himself with the packed theater of fans:

This isn’t the first time Cudi has been passionate enough about a movie to host a screening of it: In 2016, he did the same thing when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released.