Kid Rock On ‘American Sniper’: ‘I Was Looking For An Excuse To Tell Michael Moore To Go F*ck Himself’

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Now that American Sniper has become the most successful war movie of all time and the controversy circling around it has grown stagnant, the time has come for reflection. That’s what Kid Rock is doing in his new interview with The New York Times Magazine, pausing a moment from talking about his $20 dollar concert tickets and $4 beers to talk about his recent spat with Michael Moore and Seth Rogen.

The Rogen back and forth has been noted, but Michael Moore hasn’t chosen to really directly address Rock’s statement that Moore’s uncle would be “ashamed” of him. He hasn’t changed his mind either, so Rock has no problem taking aim. It’s also apparently something he wanted to do for a while:

It was something that I could run my mouth on. I’ve been so connected to the military, so I thought it was my place. Everyone knows, or they should know if they’re going to comment, that these guys don’t create policy. They get their orders, and that’s what they’re supposed to do. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for an excuse to tell Michael Moore to go [expletive] himself. When this came up, I was like, “There it is!”

Past his defense of the military and American Sniper, Rock also takes a moment to talk politics and his endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2012 and the politicians use of his song, “Born Free”:

When I see other people do it, when I see Springsteen and Jay-Z do it, I’m like, What a bunch of idiots. And then I’m looking in the mirror like, You’re an idiot, too. Pot, meet kettle. I’m very interested in the things that Ben Carson has to say. I’m very interested in our governor in Michigan [Rick Snyder], who is bringing Detroit out of bankruptcy. I’d love to see him go for the gold, because he’s a nerd, and he’s an accountant.

He’s not officially endorsing anybody this time around, at least not yet. Seeing how it’s still really early, the political jones hasn’t kicked in yet. Knowing how strong he feels about the country, there’s going to be a line of candidates hoping for his endorsement. And why not? He’s clearly a pure American folk idol:

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(Via New York Times Magazine)