‘Kill Those F*cking Yankees’: Psy’s Angry Pre-‘Gangnam Style’ Past Revealed

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12.07.12 14 Comments

Before uploading the most-watched and -liked video in the history of YouTube, South Korean singer Psy, whose “Gangnam Style” has turned him into a horse-dancing international sensation, rapped “about ‘slowly and painfully’ killing American military members and their families,” according to Mediaite. Well, there goes my “Oppa KILL THE INFIDELS Style” parody. Is it possible to return napalm without a receipt?

During a 2002 protest concert against the presence of 37,000 American troops in Korea, PSY took the stage in gold face-paint and, with the crowd egging him on, lifted a miniature “American tank” and smashed it on the ground to massive applause.

And then in 2004, a Korean missionary was captured in Iraq by Islamists who demanded that South Korea not send troops to aid America in the war in Iraq. Seoul refused to negotiate and the missionary was beheaded. The result: massive protests throughout Korea against both Muslim extremism and the U.S. military for indirectly bringing this fate upon a Korean missionary. (Via)

During the protest, several performers were asked to sing the Korean rock song “Dear American,” and when it was Psy’s turn on the microphone, he rapped, “Kill those f*cking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those f*cking Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

*mic drop*

In fairness to Psy, if you saw your song butchered by high school students, you’d hate America, too.

(Via Mediaite)

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