The Killers Admit Their Releasing A Greatest Hits Album Is A ‘Douchie Move’

For years, the Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has fought against the “douche” label being attached to his band, but one of the Las Vegas group’s other members has no such qualms: even he thinks they’re a bag of douche. In an interview with the Daily Star, via NME, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. “admitted that the band weren’t pleased with the decision to put out a greatest hits album at this point of their career,” but their label made them do it.

“We’d wait another 10 years if it was up to us, but it’s a contractual thing. We can fill a CD so it makes good business sense at this time of year. However, it’s not like we’re so pleased with ourselves we want to put it out. It feels like a douchie move.” (Via)

In an amusing coincidence, Douchie Move is also the name of Maroon 5’s greatest hits album.

(via Getty Image, via NME)