An Evolution Of Kim Kardashian Facial Expressions During Kanye’s VMAs Speech

There’s nothing quite like a Kanye West awards show speech. Somehow they are always one of a kind even though everybody knows that it will be a rambling speech with some defensive parts, some insightful parts, some hilarious one-liners, and at least a few thoughts about race in America and Kanye’s idols. After the Kimye marriage took place though, all Kanye speeches now have a great subplot to watch. Namely, Kim’s facial expressions each time ‘Ye makes a cheeky comment or cracks a dad joke.

Of course this isn’t the first time Kim has mirrored what everyone else is thinking just with a look. The most legendary time is definitely when she put on a “oh my god we’re about to get sued” face at her husbands reveal of the “Famous” video. Now she’s blessed us again with a series of reactions at the VMAs that will live on in gif form forever.

There was her “let’s see where this is going” face.

There was her “oh Kanye you always make me laugh” face. Which is adorable when you see any married couple do it, but especially these two. It reminds us their love is pretty legit.

Probably the best one, her reaction to Kanye saying “that’s why I called her.” Referring of course to the wonderful Taylor/Kim battle of 2016.

There was the “oh wow this is going so much better than assumed” expression.

And of course, because Kim is always supportive of her one true love, there was the final and perfect “I’m so proud of my other half” face.

In a show full of amazing moments and performances that will still be remembered years from now, Kim’s reactions stood out and made Kanye’s speech even better.

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