People Are Amazed By Kim And Kanye West’s Extravagant Children’s Toy Room

If Kanye West’s clothing line is any indication, the rapper appreciates minimal design. His attraction to the subdued aesthetic also translates to architecture. Kanye worked with minimal architect Axel Vervoordt to design their current California mansion. While the white-washed walls of the large house are pleasing to the eye, people wonder how the couple manages to keep four kids entertained with virtually no toys in sight. Kim answered the question by giving her followers a personalized tour of their children’s playroom. People are beside themselves after seeing the playroom, which looks like something straight out of a Toys R’ Us catalog.

Kim posted videos of the playroom to her Instagram story. “You guys always say my house is so minimal—well, you guys haven’t seen my playroom,” she said. The video shows a room filled wall-to-wall with every toy imaginable—from a mini drum kit, to a complete train set, to a fully-functioning miniature grocery store check-out counter. Other toys include rocking horses, art supplies, and even a ball pit with an attachable slide. Chicago even has her own ice cream parlor and washer/dryer set.

Fans reacted to the playroom tour with a mixture of amazement and jealousy.

Kim is more used to publicizing her personal life after growing up in the spotlight on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But the couple has started to reveal more about their home. Kim and Kanye gave Vouge a tour of their mansion back in April. More recently, Kim gave a personalized tour of her pantry, which is larger than most New York City apartments. The two also sat down with Architectural Digest to quiz each other about their home and discuss the process of designing it. During the interview, Kanye was astounded to learn that Kim has never used their giant heated pool.