Ellen DeGeneres Has Some Baby Name Ideas For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

A seven months pregnant Kim Kardashian-West was a guest on Ellen Wednesday, and the topic of naming her second child, apparently a boy, came into the conversation. Kim stated that she will begin to decide on baby names in her eighth month of pregnancy, “so about a month away.” Ellen took this as a call to action and gave several baby name suggestions to the former most-followed person on Instagram. Ellen’s suggestions ranged from movie puns to directional puns with Head West, Wild or Wild Wild West, Mid West, Tito, and East Meets West as possibilities. Kim, taking Ellen’s suggestion into account, says she likes the name “Easton West,” although Kanye may not like it. Either way, the child will definitely not be named “South.”

For Kim and Kanye, the suggestions will continue to pour in, and they will all play off the directional theme. One would think that Kanye would be wanting to name their son after himself. Because if there is anything that Kanye would love more than himself, it would be a baby named after himself. Have fun imagining not one, but two Kanyes in the White House.

(Via YouTube)