Kim Kardashian Previews Kanye West’s ‘Follow God’ Video On Instagram

Kanye West’s rollout for his “gospel album” Jesus Is King isn’t quite over, yet. As with previous phases of the album’s promotion, Kanye let his wife Kim Kardashian do the heavy lifting. Kim posted a video to her Instagram story watching what appears to be the rough cut of Kanye’s music video for Jesus Is King track “Follow God.” The video looks like it was filmed on their Wyoming property, with a llama and a donkey appearing before Kanye raps, atypically facing away from the camera. He also cruises the snow-blown landscape in a four-wheeler and a large truck. You can see screen captures in the fan tweets below.

Despite its lukewarm critical reception, Jesus Is King joined most of Kanye’s other records — minus The College Dropout — as a No.1 on the Billboard 200, allowing him to tie Eminem for most consecutive No. 1 debuts. If anything, the commercial performance proves that Kanye still has massive cultural pull, even after a year filled with political snafus like claiming that Democrats brainwash Black people and album pushbacks galore. It’s possible that his success can be attributed to his work ethic, which he says he gets from his in-laws.

Jesus Is King is out now via Def Jam and Getting Out Our Dreams II.