All The Craziest Conspiracy Theories About Kim Kardashian’s Nightmarish Robbery

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10.05.16 5 Comments

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Celebrities only need to hold their arms or hands in vaguely triangular shapes to trigger the #TooWoke brigade and their conspiracy theories. So when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room, you know the Bilderberg Group group wasn’t far behind. People across the internet found every possible reason that Kim K might have been robbed, without ever landing on the out there idea that “she is very, very rich and thieves had access to her room.”

We’ve compiled a few of the oddest below.

It was all a publicity stunt

By far the most popular theory we found was the idea that Kardashian staged a robbery in which she was gagged, bound and held at gunpoint for publicity.

Kim Kardashian had herself robbed to commit insurance fraud

It was an Illuminati plot (to take our guns or otherwise)

It was orchestrated by Donald Trump to take the media attention away from him

Since Donald Trump is also a plant by Hillary Clinton to ensure she gets elected, that makes this a double conspiracy. Drink!

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