King Princess Is A ‘Cheap Queen’ In Her Surreal, Channel-Surfing New Video

King Princess’ song “Cheap Queen” has been floating around for some time now, as she had performed it live on multiple occasions (including at Coachella) before officially releasing a studio version last month. Now she has given the song even more love with an official video. The clip begins with her singing to a floating sandwich, only to reveal that this scene is some absurd program she’s watching on TV. From there, she checks out a variety of scenes (seated upon a giant couch), before ending on a show in which a version of herself sporting drag make-up is crowned “Cheap Queen.”

Straus previously spoke about her relationship with drag, telling Coup De Main, “As somebody who is very neutral gender-wise, I tend to fluctuate day-to-day when it comes to what I’m wearing, or how I feel about my body, so it’s really lovely to have drag as an outlet, and have it in my life as an amazing thing to watch and cherish. It’s our history. […] I owe a lot to the drag community for giving me confidence and teaching me how to be a woman.” She also previously told Harper’s Bazaar, “I’m a huge supporter and fan of drag. When I do makeup, it’s performative. I don’t really wear makeup, but I use it as a tool to talk about gender and sexuality.”

Watch the video for “Cheap Queen” above.