Kingdom Explores The Sadder Side Of The Club (And His Own Head) On His Debut Album

Contributing Writer

DJs are bound to view the club a little differently than the rest of us.

Beyond the fact that their vantage point is actually different — usually slightly higher and facing the opposite direction of everyone else — there’s the idea that they’re there to work in the same place most people go to forget about their own grind.

Ezra Rubin, the producer better known as Kingdom and the man behind some of your favorite alt-R&B cuts, has been peddling a sort of fractured view of the club for a while in his production work for other people. But freed up to do exactly what he wants on his first ever solo album, Kingdom was allowed to let this clear-eyed viewpoint of the blurry-eyed dancefloor run wild.

The resulting album Tears In The Club is a mix of stuttering drums, subdued vocals and a general world-weariness not often heard in typical party tracks. We talked to the producer about his fractured fairy tale take on the club-bound R&B to figure out how his debut came to be.

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