Kings Of Leon Management Scrubbing Video Of Lead Singer's Drunken Antics From Web

08.02.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

It appears as though insulting the intelligence of Kings of Leon fans by insisting that the band’s current U.S. tour was canceled due to lead singer Caleb Followill’s “exhaustion” issues — just days after appearing to be a drunken mess on stage in Dallas — wasn’t enough for the band’s management. They’re now frantically trying to remove all footage of Followill’s inebriated antics from the internet.

Reports Tech Dirt:

John Obeidin points us to the news that YouTube videos of a problematic Dallas concert by the band Kings of Leon are disappearing from YouTube under claims from Vector Management, who apparently represent the band.

Apparently Caleb Followhill from the band complained a bunch about feeling sick and saying that his voice was shot. At some point, he announced that he was going backstage to vomit and that he’d be back later — which didn’t happen. The rest of the band apologized (profusely) and later hinted at “bigger” problems with the band. Lots of folks in the audience were upset about all of this. Either way, a bunch of videos sprung up on YouTube. But as quickly as they go up, Vector Management appears to be pulling them down. Now it’s possible that some of the videos include clips of copyrighted songs, but the whole thing certainly seems pretty questionable, and looks like an attempt to stifle the video of what happened. Assuming that most of the videos only included a bit of music, but focused on Caleb’s statements, it seems like there would also be strong fair use claims.

If people can’t see it on the internet, then it never happened, right? No, that won’t bring even more attention to the whole thing. No way. And unfortunately for Vector, they’ve been unsuccessful at pulling down the one we posted here yesterday, likely because it doesn’t contain any of the music from the show.

U mad Kings Of Leon management people?

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