Kings Of Leon Are Blindfolded In Suburbia In The Surreal ‘Waste A Moment’ Video

As they prepare to launch their forthcoming album, Walls, which hits shelves and streaming services on October 14, Tennessee rockers Kings of Leon debuted a new music video for their lead single, “Waste a Moment.” And the clip juxtaposes classic suburbia with surreal imagery including an enchanted octopus pendant and some type of evil eye amulet. Yes, it is that weird.

The plot is vague, if there is one, but there are a lot of discordant elements, including a mysterious, sinister-looking antagonist who shows up to a mansion sporting a ponytail and bolo tie (reminiscent of the late David Carradine’s assassin character Bill from the Kill Bill movies) and challenges some of the band members to some hand-to-hand combat using unconventional weapons. Then he (maybe?) kidnaps the band while they remain blindfolded as they cruise around town. In the meantime, the remaining members of the town police force try to solve a mystery, but don’t quite get there. In between, there’s footage of the band rocking out under bright flickering lights, wearing dapper suits while blindfolded.

The song is an undeniably energetic anthem that speaks to living in the moment, while the video is a creative, bizarre endeavor that could mean anything. If you have any better guesses, be our guest.