Kings of Leon Prove Their Comeback Is For Real On The Serious And Intimate ‘Walls’

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve now entered the second phase of the Kings of Leon comeback campaign. The first phase was their general re-introduction to the world, followed by the release of the first single off of their upcoming album Walls, the lovingly familiar “Waste a Moment.” As far as reminders go, it was pretty effective. Listening to the track, a first thought was likely along the lines of “Hey, I remember these guys.”

Phase one: Successful.

Now it’s phase two. Phase two is when the band, looking to make a comeback, lays it all on the table and lets you know that they’ve grown from their mistakes, their losses and their hardships. Phase two exhibits maturity. Phase two is like coffee, it’s for closers only. The Kings of Leon have entered phase two and in doing so, are here to let the world know that yes, they’ve grown and are serious now.

The band debuted the title song off Walls on Thursday on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show; the video was close behind. “Walls” is haunting and quiet; reflective and meditative. “I’m just trying to do what’s right,” Kings’ singer and guitarist Caleb Followill sings in the song’s opening verse. Followill sounds like a man trying to make peace with the world and understand the twists and turns that come with it — fitting given the bumps and lumps he’s gone through in the past few years. He’s not giving up though.

“Walls” is a defiant song from a band that has struck a defiant tone since they announced their new album. They’re hungry and that’s exciting. Hungry rock bands are the best kind of rock band and there was a time when the Kings of Leon were the best kind of rock band. The prospect of that returning is a very good sign.

Phase two: Looks promising. Listen and watch above.

Walls is scheduled to be released on Oct. 14.