Watch KISS Pull A Football Out Of A Lady's Vagina To Promote The LA KISS

03.25.14 5 years ago

KISS Arena Football commercial

The creation and continued existence of the LA KISS, the Los Angeles metro area’s finest and only KISS-themed Arena Football League team, is one of our favorite stories here at With Leather.

Every bit of news about the team makes it seem stupider. First, the KISS guys are hanging out with the Los Angeles Kings mascot to locally ingratiate themselves. Then they’re debuting COVERED IN FLAMES helmets and jerseys and saying having Tim Tebow as quarterback would be a “match made in Heaven.” Every other team in the league is constantly one second away from Ted Nugent impaling them with a flaming arrow.

The latest thing is this commercial, which somehow beats out LeBron James and Johnny Football belong to a secret society of people who eat exclusive McDonald’s as the month’s most irrational commercial. In it, the LA KISS cheerleaders rush a KISS fan (I guess?) into the hospital, where Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are waiting amidst LENS FLARES~ to deliver her baby. They’ve never done this before! Gags!

Watch in abject horror-amazement as these people are in charge of a pro sports team:


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