Watch The Unaired Coffee Ad With Kiss’ Paul Stanley That Was Nearly Scrubbed From Existence

The shills from Kiss are famous for slapping their faces on any ol’ piece of sh*t. But even they have their limits. Haha, j/k. In 2000, guitarist Paul Stanley, a.k.a. Starchild, agreed to star in a Folgers Coffee commercial. Unfortunately, it never aired, but someone recently dug up the clip and uploaded it to YouTube. It’s no wonder this thing hasn’t seen the light of day for 14 years (neither has Stanley, judging by his pasty skin): it’s pretty awful. Like, Animalize-level terrible.

Here is the never aired Folgers commercial featuring Paul Stanley that ultra conservative parent company, Proctor and Gamble shelved out of concern regarding being associated with KISS. (Via)

The best part of waking up is not seeing Paul Stanley all up in your stuff.

Via Stereogum