Kitten Covers Had Me At Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Editorial Director

Much like when I begrudgingly wrote about Bad Advice Cat because I couldn’t deny the lulz, my initial reaction to Kitten Covers was to dismiss the concept entirely because — in my opinion — cats just make things too easy on the internet. This is the same logic I apply when I make the girl pay on the first date in order to make sure she really wants to be there. The results have been mixed.
As you’ve probably already put together by taking in the masterpiece that is a funky looking cat replacing the head shot of ODB on his solo album debut, Kitten Covers is a single-serving Tumblr dedicated to “Legendary albums from a world dominated by kittens…”
I wanted to not bite. I really did. But alas, I am only one man, living in a world where it’s impossible to deny a world where kittens make timeless music.
The Kitten Covers

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