Kodak Black’s New Hairstyle Drew Some Hilarious Comparisons To Lisa Simpson, Naruto, And More

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Fans on Twitter can be so unforgiving when an artist makes a mistake — especially when it comes to their sartorial choices. Cancel culture is one thing, but nothing unites the masses on social media like giving a good shellacking to an ill-advised hair update — just check out what happened when Usher popped up with a perm, when a photo of Blueface referenced the emo wave of the 2000s, or when Post Malone went in for a more clean-cut look after rocking flowing locks for most of his time in the spotlight. But if there’s any star out there ornery enough to ignore what people say about him on the internet, it’s Kodak Black.

The contentious rapper has been the subject of plenty of controversy in recent weeks, but now it’s his looks rather than his comments that are getting him roasted on Twitter. Once the above photo had circulated for a while, it was only a matter of time before the jokes rolled in and when they did, it was more like an avalanche.

The obvious comparison to many fans’ minds is, of course, Lisa Simpson, the middle child from the popular animated sitcom The Simpsons, whose iconic spiky look has prompted many to wonder what her hair would actually look like in real life. Now we know and some of us wish we didn’t. Others compared him to the anime heroes of Dragon Ball, whose hair changes from black to gold when they enter a “Super Saiyan” state of increased power. Ultimately, though, the Lisa comparison seems to reign supreme in the mentions of the original tweet, although there was a Patty Mayonnaise from Doug and the laughing sun from the anime Soul Eater.

Given the sort of stuff Kodak usually trends for, this is probably one of the more lighthearted moments he’s likely to see for a while. In the past month alone, he’s been censured for making homophobic comments toward Young MA, banned from radio for making untoward comments about Lauren London, arrested at the border of Canada for crossing with a car full of guns and drugs, and still faces trial for allegedly raping a fan.

Kodak Black is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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