Does Mashing Up Korn With Taylor Swift Somehow Make Both More Listenable? Let’s See!

Remember that LCD Soundsystem-Miles Davis YouTube “Duet”? That was pretty awesome, right? Yeah, this is nothing like that. This is more like a Korn song being mashed up — pretty seamlessly, granted — with a Taylor Swift song and somehow each one improving the other one ever so slightly. It’s kind of like when two people with bad breath start dating.

The improvement made by internet masher upper Isonsine is of course just one man’s opinion. I’m sure the respective presidents and vice presidents of the Korn and Taylor Swift fan clubs would disagree with the assertion. And so may you if you’re the one out of ten people reading this who had a Korn sticker on their car in high school (you know who you are).

So yeah, despite the sale’s job I’m doing, take a listen. For morbid curiosity, the high school you, and the limitlessness to  what people will dedicate their time to on the internet. Also, for pretending Taylor Swift and Jonathan Davis are going through a drama-filled break up. Crazy kids.

Via Know Your Meme