Kris Jenner Thinks Kanye West Should Have A ‘No Tweeting Law’ Some Days

Kanye West may be the world’s most talked about tweeter. It seems like every time he sends out a series of stream of consciousness tweets, the world rushes to have an opinion on his latest “rant” or “outburst.” Kanye’s tweets are so newsworthy that whenever one of his in-laws show up to a talk show or an interview — something they do often — they are asked about Ye’s tweets and the controversy they stir up.

The latest to be questioned about Yeezy’s Twitter is the Kardashian Klan matriarch Kris Jenner, who reportedly isn’t a fan of her son-in-law’s tweets and their effect on the Kardashian brand. Kris sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Monday morning on Ellen, and when the topic of Kanye’s outlandish tweets was discussed, she joked “There should be days when there should be a no-tweeting law,” and that she might “ground” Kanye for his outbursts.

Eventually, after Ellen suggested Kanye implement a filter, or even a board of directors to control his account Kris defended ‘Ye, saying, basically, that he means well, even though sometimes his message doesn’t come across as intended.

On Kanye’s $53 million debt claim, Kris suggested his comment was misunderstood. “What he was saying was that’s what he’s done to spend on his clothing line over fifteen or twenty years, whatever it’s been,” Kris explained. “But it comes out not exactly the right way, then people get it misconstrued through the media, it’s complicated.”

It’s really no surprise to see Kris defend Kanye; she has often defended her family, just as you would expect a proud momma bear to do. Who knows how she feels behind closed doors, and her comments suggested that she would like Kanye to tone it down a tad, but at least publicly Kris is backing her family/brand.