Krist Novoselic Saw His Old Nirvana Bandmate Dave Grohl In Concert And Freaked Out

So, do you know that feeling when you see your favorite band or artist in concert and you can’t help but completely nerd out? Whatever modicum of cool you had just absolutely goes out the window as soon as the lights go down and they take the stage. Well, luckily that sentiment isn’t just reserved for us normies and happens to immortal rock legends as well. Case in point: Krist Novoselic of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Nirvana, completely freaked while watching his former bandmate Dave Grohl tear the house down at a Foo Fighters show.

While the Foos’ never-ending tour made a stop in Portland at the Moda Center, Krist Novoselic decided to attend and support his longtime friend’s show (you know, just in case no one showed up to a Foo Fighters concert.) While he was there, Krist was even thrown up on the big screen, as reported by Alternative Nation.

But really, that was a special circumstance. He was there as a fan like any of the rest of us would be (basically meaning he was non-stop recording the show on his phone.)

It’s always good to know sometimes that the people who we idolize and are millionaires can be normal, uncool dorks every now and then. That’s a good thing. Okay, now Krist can go back to normal life where he’s a part of one of the most influential rock bands ever to exist and order is restored.

(Via Twitter, Alternative Nation)