There’s Another, More Sinister Kurt Cobain Documentary On The Way, And Here’s The Trailer

What if I told you that Kurt Cobain’s death would be the subject of yet another documentary?

A month after Montage of Heck premiered on HBO, a new “docu-drama,” entitled Soaked in Bleach, will address the conspiracy theories surrounding Cobain’s death; namely, that it wasn’t a suicide at all, but rather a murder plot orchestrated by Courtney Love. It’s set for release on June 11.

The film will follow the detective work of Tom Grant (played by Tyler Bryan), who Love hired as a private investigator to find Cobain, who was missing in the days preceding his death, as he tries to pinpoint exactly how Cobain’s life was lost. The trailer reveals the possibility that Cobain was given a lethal dose of heroin, contradicting the real-life report that Cobain committed suicide from a gunshot to the head. The subject of Cobain’s death, and whether or not it was a suicide, has been a popular source of debate in the music world since the Nirvana frontman’s life was lost in April 1994. There’s even a website, created by the real-life Detective Grant, dedicated to discussion.

The wide release of Montage of Heck has put Cobain in the news quite a bit. According to that film’s director, a “new” album of Cobain solo recordings is due this summer, and MTV recently released a full-length, unabridged interview with Cobain from 1994.

(Via NME)