Kurt Vile And Courtney Barnett Kept It Chill During Their Tiny Desk Concert

12.08.17 3 months ago

I’m not sure at what time in the morning NPR shoots their Tiny Desk sessions, but it seems like it’s moderately early in the day… which makes Kurt Vile’s taking a swig of a beer and placing it on the next to another empty bottle in the middle of his Tiny Desk performance alongside Courtney Barnett all the more interesting. A few months removed from their excellent collaborative album Lotta Sea Lice, Vile and Barnett stopped by the NPR offices for a performance at the legendary Tiny Desk, running through four of its tracks acoustically and taking away a whole layer of seriousness from a record that was already laid-back and casual. In fact, seeing the ease with which Vile and Barnett approach the performance brings a whole new meaning to the word “chill.”

Throughout performances of “Over Everything,” “Continental Breakfast,” “Blue Cheese,” “Let It Go”, Vile and Barnett were sure not to take themselves too seriously, laughing throughout the show and just having a genuinely good time. At one point, Vile even tries to play the harmonica and then gives up, throwing it away and going, “Well, that sucked.” This is one to remember. Check out the full performance above, via NPR.

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