Kyle Mooney Interviews Confused Justin Bieber Fans In This Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

Kyle Mooney could be on SNL for 23 seasons, or fired tomorrow, and no one who only watches the live show would know. His sketches are almost always “cut for time.” It’s practically his middle name at this point. Mooney has interviewed confused New Yorkers, pitched Kevin Hart a slam dunk idea, parodied Family Matters, and ruined Christmas with Amy Poehler. For some reason, SNL — which is on break until mid-January — just released another cut sketch of his from November, when Justin Bieber was on TODAY.

Mooney spoke to Beliebers while they were waiting to see their idol in the rain. It’s just as uncomfortable as that sounds. There’s something about a soaking wet 30-something guy holding a microphone with his shirt tucked into his ill-fitting jeans that screams, “Keep this man away from teens.”

Lucky for us, SNL wasn’t listening. One thing I’ve always wondered about these videos: How long does it take before the graphics are finished?

I’m guessing four hours.