Kylie Minogue's 'Sexercize' Music Video Earns Its Parental Advisory Warning

Once again, YouTube ruins every YouTube music video. Kylie Minogue’s mega-subtle “Sexercize” music video is a very good thing that the world needed, but if you look at the comments section, you’ll want to set fire to Australia. Here’s a typically reasoned response to Kylie’s incredible physique:

Hey Kylie, and rest of music world, we all have sex. So stop advertising sex as something that didn’t happened before today. Sex exists from beginnig of time.

lol, all she offers is titillation, pointless middle-aged woman

i am big fan of you miss kylie. i’m a 12 year old girl and i want to learn how to sexercise! please miss kylie can you teach me? then i will know how to please all the older men that are constantly staring at me in the street… my mommy and daddy say not to watch you anymore but i love your music. you sound like 12 year old girl too. they say soft porn is no good for young girls… what you say?

Um, after that last comment, I think I hate Kylie, too. SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

(Via Kylie Minogue)